RCB Advisors completes its fifth year!

RCB Advisors is celebrating a successful five years in business as we start a new financial year tomorrow on 01st July 2021.

What a challenging last 12 months with the pandemic Covid-19. We want to thank each of you for taking the challenges in your stride and dealing with them the best way you can. In some ways, we believe it has been a rewarding year for all of us as we have supported one another in many ways we could and continue to do so. Covid 19 has impacted many of you and us, personally or on the business front. The year also challenged many of the values that we are very proud of at RCB Advisors. However, our determination to uphold these values successfully has been very rewarding.

Every day at RCB is still very stimulating and fast-paced. Throughout the last year, we had the added challenge of helping many of our clients navigate the difficult times that Covid-19 brought. Navigating various government support payments, including Cash Boost, Job Keeper and various grants, it was also important to us to meet your needs as a given thing. Hopefully, we not only met your expectations but exceeded them.

While many of you have dealt with COVID-19 in the best way you can, we have had a few lockdowns for Victoria-based clients more than others. At RCB advisors, our values of client care came to the forefront of minds to ensure we assist and ensure we proactively manage your needs and assure you of our support in such difficult times so you can focus on your key challenges on personal, financials and business fronts. I can reassure you that everyone at RCB Advisors worked hard and continues to support you in every way we can. It is very important to us that you achieved outcomes that helped you overcome the many lockdowns the state faced and continues to do so.

During the year, we continued to make a positive contribution to our community through the various projects initiated by the RCB team.

Whilst reflecting on our journey last five years, we want to reflect back on our launch statement. “Every step of the way, we recognise that without the support of our clients, we would not be where we are today.” As we sit here today, that statement has again been truer. Our conviction is stronger than ever, and it inspires every member of our team to tailor solutions that meet the needs of all our loyal and new clients.

Our values — Respect, Regard, Integrity, Ethics, Professionalism, Commitment and Hard Work — are as important today, both personally and professionally, as when we launched our business five years ago. These are the hallmarks by which we do business with everyone who uses our services and looks to us for advice.

On behalf of the Directors and the entire RCB Advisors team, we sincerely thank you again for your continuing support, valuable referrals and testimonials. We are excited to move forward into a new year with all our clients, suppliers and strategic partners to help you achieve even better outcomes despite the challenges Covid 19 may bring our way. Also, we are truly grateful for the continued support of the professional organisations we are members of.

Rajesh Chawla

RCB Advisors
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VICTORIA, Australia

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